Works: commissioned


Frank Castorf, Miriam Tscholl & Tilmann Köhler, Lukas Lonski and Felix Classen of "Lonski&Classen", Atelier Disko, Piotr Kalinski aka Hatti Vatti, Prof. Maurice Göldner, Pater Christian Herwartz and many more...
AMPLER Bikes, based in Estonia launched a new fleet of E-Bikes and two special colourways for their Jura and Axel models, wich they wanted to present to the world in a very special location.

Client: AMPLER Bikes
Production: KANU Berlin
Assistant: Chris Leipold
Hair/ Makeup: Caro Spill
Styling: Irina Hefner
Model: Sol Runa
Location: Großer Windkanal, Berlin Adlershof (thanks to Humbold Innovation)
Twenty Four

24 hours Berlin. 36 photographers.

On the streets, in living rooms, clubs, hospitals, airports, cafes - you name it. I choose to stay close to one of the cities most discussed, loved and hated places - Kottbusser Tor.

The book was published by Steidl and an 24 hour long exhibition showing the printed sheets took place at C/O Berlin gallery.
Life´s a ride

In the past decade cycling has become so much more than a simple means of transportation. It is a lifestyle, whatever style of bike you choose.

Selected work for CANYON Bicycles, Brooks England, Berliner Fahrradschau and many more.
The Slum

With the right of moving and residing in every member state of the EU many romanian families came to Berlin trying to make a living. Anyhow. Some of them found shelter in an abandonned garden allotment but the place turned out to be more garbage dump and construction site then one you would like to call home.

After a couple of weeks ignoring the untenable situation the city of Berlin started to remove rooftops from the bigger buildings before finally demolishing all of them, making space for the new built A100 highway.

No wind of change

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan is also known as windy city, just as Chicago is. It is in fact rapidly growing, mainly due to Aserbaijans booming gas and oil businesses wich are more or less all linked to the presidents family and relatives. The old backyards and simple houses are tucked away behind glittery facades. Just as free speech is only to be heard in private situations. Today Azerbaijan ranks 163 out of 180 countries in Reporters without borders World Press freedom index.
The Hunt

The rough and vast mountain ranges of the Caucasus mountains are home to an animal, wich only can be found here. The caucasian capricorn, also known as Daghestan-Tur, is the final aim for hunters from the western world, paying loads of money for the exhausting journey into the wild.

Whatever one may think about hunting, the scenery is stunning.